three phases in timed shutter release

Children love to experiment, ask why and experience the world through their senses. (Image via Wikipedia)

It has begun. The 3 year old has started questioning my authority on every subject, asking “why?” 16,000 times a day. This is in addition to him asking “what’s that mean?” about everything else.

This is the moment in his existence where it is my job, as his mother/god to destroy his natural desire to understand all the craziness of the world. He must not learn! Not on my watch!

Actually, as a matter of fact, incidentally, I have no desire whatsoever to quash his sponge-like ability to learn. Like every other parent, I fully expect my son to be gifted but unlike every other parent I intend to allow him to learn.

In our house we’ve banished the response “because I said so” to the fiery depths of parenting hell. Whatever the question, no matter how annoying, inconvenient or repetitive we endevour to answer if we can, including researching the information if we need to.

Not every “why?” can be answered, but that shouldn’t stop us from asking. If only we could all be more like 3 year olds.