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If you are striving for consistency in your behaviour, and to act in accordance with common decency, and to actually make sense, don’t copy PayPal who constantly find new and improved ways to be completely illogical.

Why are the douchebags running PayPal so against, well everything? It’s a bit sad that such a dictatorial group of power-mad monkeys have so much control over our money on the internet. How many people will have their accounts frozen and their hard-earned money stolen by Crims R Us before something else comes along to save us?

I would boycott PayPal yesterday if there was another service. As it is, I do avoid using PayPal at all available opportunities and rarely use my PayPal account. In fact, for all I know I’m already one in a loooooong list of many who have arbitrarily and unfairly lost their PayPal accounts, often mid-transaction. Nice little scam they have going there.

Here is a list of some PayPal accounts that have been shut down for no good reason. You might want to check to see if you’re on it:

  • Wikileaks (for illegal activities, when Wikileaks has never done anything illegal.)
  • Regretsy (PayPal closed down a charity for not being a worthy enough cause.)
  • Various World of Warcraft gold sellers (gamers selling gold may hurt the game economy. Oh no!)
  • Various Bitcoin traders (for absolutely no reason.)
  • Anyone selling e-cigs (vapour cigarettes that don’t stink out every person in a 5km radius, again for no good reason.)

The list goes on, but I’m having a bitch of a time adding links in this Android WordPress editor. So as a side note, #4b. Don’t be this WordPress editor, either.

PS. I found a free PC to help me with my linking issues, but I stand by my statement about the Android editor.