Smartphone Evolution

The future in human evolution is, without a doubt, going in the direction of the convergence of humans and technology. I don’t think we need to worry about the uprising of the machines, because we are progressively making sweet love to our computers and having little robot babies. We are becoming the machines once feared by B-grade sci-fi.

At present time we stand alongside our computer compatriots, smart phones ready for immediate retrieval of information and sharing of erm, Facebook and Twitter updates. I’ve only had my phone for a year and I can’t imagine life before I held it in my grubby little paws and had the world permanently affixed to my fingertips.

I sincerely hope that the education paradigm is changing to accommodate our ability to access information readily and easily. I’m sure it’s not, I’m sure they still expect students to cram useless facts and figures the night before exams, puke it into the toilet bowl of examinations and forget it the next day. I’m sure they still forcibly remove phones from students in class and during tests to prevent them from being able to perform any research. God-forbid they discover their teacher is full of shit and has no idea what the hell s/he is talking about.

Anyway, I think I digressed a little because the point I was trying to make was, even though our little pocket companions of knowledge and access to Google allow us to research on the go, I have noticed a great irony of the smart phone. I am getting dumbified, stupidered by my autocorrection which has turned me into a gibbering idiot.

I now write sentences like: “Ill be coming round the mountain but I wont be wearing pink offhand.” Followed by the fragmented statement that makes sense only in the context of everyone else understanding that my phone is to blame, “Doh, pajamas.” Meanwhile ignoring the total lack of apostrophes in words like “I’ll” or “won’t” thus rendering most of what I say complete and utter nonsense.

A year ago I would have been very careful about correcting everyone else on the internet when it came to spelling and grammar. I was always very helpful in pointing out the error of their uneducated ways, but these days I just don’t know any more if I’m talking to a bona fide moron or someone whose smart phone is playing tricks on them. It has made it very difficult for me to single out 17 year olds and tease them about their apparent illiteracy, which used to be a favourite pastime of mine.