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I realise that every title of every post could really just say “Don’t be a dumbarse” and I would cover all my bases, but I try to be a little more specific. However, I’ve struggled to narrow this one down. The subjects of this blog entry are so ridiculous, I’m not sure if I can do little more than make fish faces and gulp on air while I attempt to gather my thoughts.

I’m referring to the fisherfolk in an article I just read last night in the Sydney Morning Herald, about the fishermen’s answer to trawler overfishing around Newcastle that they, themselves, have identified as a serious environmental issue. Their solution? The government needs to buy them out and then they’ll stop overfishing.

Even as I type that some synapses in my brain are giving up on life and committing hara-kiri in the face of such outlandish dumbarsery. What ever happened to taking a little, a wee dram, an eency tiny bit of responsibility for our own actions?

Let me ask you this, dear fishermen. Just say you were a teenage hoodlum who enjoyed setting fire to piles of old tractor tyres in your spare time until one day you realised you were releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere, would you ask someone to compensate you before stopping your destructive behaviour, or would you just perhaps stop without any fanfare or expecting the Australian of the Year Award?

The existence of governments make people lazy and detached from most issues in the world, believing it is the government’s responsibility to take care of things while we all sit around on our fat butts doing nothing but pay 80% of our salaries into various forms of taxation. But this? This really takes the cake. These guys are saying “we are responsible for fucking up the fish populations around here, we really suck and we know it, but we’re incapable of stopping because we’re clearly robots programmed to continue until someone comes and removes our motherboards.” I mean, seriously!