Diane Arbus photograph, Identical Twins, Rosel...

Identical twins - have some excuse for lack of originality. Image via Wikipedia

I know someone who appears to be incapable of original thought. Without exaggeration, she copies Facebook status updates, poses her children for the same  photos that her friends have just shared, cooks the same thing someone else has mentioned they just cooked, and does all these things unashamedly as if she hasn’t noticed that she does it. From a psychological point of view, this once-ostracized ex-fatty is clearly terrified of being left behind, but while I understand her behaviour, her total lack of originality and, therefore, personality just completely bores my socks off. Ironically, it turns off the very people she’s clearly trying to align herself with.

In a nutshell, lack of originality is boring. Yes yes, herds of unoriginal people clan together so it doesn’t automatically mean you will end up alone, but by god it’s boring. Have I mentioned how boring it is?

More importantly (although not currently getting up my dander), lack of originality means lack of new ideas, which means lack of inventiveness, which means lack of progress, which means we’d all still be sitting around in caves beating each other over the head with clubs.

We need to be willing to put ourselves out there, stop being afraid to stand out, stop worrying about fitting in, start taking risks and trying out some of those crazy ideas floating around in the cavernous depths of our brains.

So go on, try to do something original today.