Well that was stupid. For the last 10 months or more I have used my “smart”phone for all technology-based communications (those other than carrier pigeon, smoke signals and mime). I quickly learned that mobile sites and apps are almost always missing at least 1 very useful piece of functionality.

The Pinterest mobile site, for example, is unusable and those hilarious graphic designers think the world revolves around the Apple megaopoly and haven’t even bothered releasing an Android version.

WordPress is slightly more accessible on a phone, but I decided it was all too much effort and so my good intentions took to heavy drinking and were soon found lying unconscious in a gutter.

Meanwhile, during this technology-forced hiatus there have  been so many people wrong on the internet and so much for me to bitch and moan about, but I had no outlet. So I’ve just had the operation to sew my brain back into my fragmented skull, and perhaps things can resume again.