Driving on the motorway I have often witnessed some pretty stupid behaviour from other motorists. The worst offenders are the drivers who weave dangerously across multiple lanes, cutting off other drivers and narrowly avoiding multiple collisions only because other drivers manage to get out of their way. Their mission appears to be to get from A to B in the fastest time possible. However, “the fastest time possible” in normal urban traffic when driving a normal distance is maybe 2 minutes faster than if they drove like a normal person driving in such normal conditions.

How many times have you been overtaken, dangerously, only to meet up with the oxygen-sapper 15 minutes down the road when you catch up at a set of lights? It’s not just a mathematical theory, the evidence sits throwing cigarette butts out their window, revving their engine impatiently while they wait for the red to turn green.

This has, in the past, led me to the conclusion that such drivers are sub normal. Idiots with the IQ of a low-level mammal, perhaps a skunk. At best a badger. However, a realisation about IQs and the general populace hit me. 50% of every person driving on those motorways (assuming a representative sample of the entire population) has an IQ of 100 OR LESS.

In fact, 95% of the population has an IQ between 70 and 130. I feel fairly comfortable in guessing that most of the people in my family and among my social group are more towards the 130 mark, but looking at the bell curve of IQ distribution I shudder in horror suddenly understanding what’s wrong with the world, and it is sitting there between 70 and 100.

Yes, I know that half the population has an IQ from 90 to 110, and the percentage drops with each point in either direction away from the centre point of 100, but that doesn’t mean those Neanderlithic morons aren’t out there, on the motorway, risking the lives of all the higher IQed people on the road.

So in conclusion, I can’t in good conscience truly suggest that people stop existing if their IQ falls short of 100. Or even that driving tests should include an IQ section. All I really do with this information is resign myself to understanding that there are, always have been and always will be idiots around me and there’s nought that can be done about it. There will, however, always be fodder for me to write about.

PS. I wrote this blog entry about a month ago and forgot to publish it. Maybe it was incomplete or there was a major failing in my logic, some reason I didn’t publish it at the time. Who cares, I am going to publish it and deal with the fallout later.