This needn’t be a very long post, hopefully the conversation alone should be enough to illustrate my point sufficiently. I just found myself involved in the following conversation on FB (I’ll paraphrase to protect the innocent and idiots):

Woman 1: My toddler just pulled over a big heavy bookshelf and nearly killed herself. Luckily there was a pile of washing on the floor that caught the bookshelf and so my toddler didn’t get crushed.

Me: Wow, scary. Damn climbing toddlers.

Woman 1: Yes, but the weird thing is I had just thought earlier that day how dangerous that bookshelf was, so I had taken all the books off it and asked my husband to move the bookshelf out to the garage.

Woman 2: Wow, the universe was really watching out for you.

Woman 3: God was watching over your beautiful angel.

Me: She probably saw you taking all the books off and heard you talking to your husband, which made her want to go and investigate. Good thing for messy piles of laundry, eh?

What I really wanted to say: No, God is only responsible as far as the big heavy bookshelf falling down and nearly killing your child, it was magical elves that put the laundry pile there. Or, there’s no mystical nonsense going on at all. Take your pick.

Am I the only person whose head explodes every time people choose nonsensical mystics over obvious common sense?